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Coreworks joins the Xilinx Candidate Core Program
Candidate core products are intellectual property (IP) cores that are developed, sold and supported by third-party Xilinx Alliance Program members. Candidate core certification is a requirement for all new IP cores, and they become candidates to be later recertified as AllianceCORE products.

To receive the Candidate core designation, members must submit ISE™ report files for the current devices recommended for new designs to demonstrate that they have run the core through the Xilinx tools. Xilinx then verifies the implementation results (device utilization and clock rates) using the report files provided by the member.

Members must provide a copy of their own datasheet that we will review to assure it includes a required minimum set of Xilinx-specific information. The datasheet will not be posted on this website but is available directly from the alliance member. You can contact them for additional information by submitting a request directly from the description page of the specific product you are interested in.
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