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Coreworks releases the CWda15 Configurable SPDIF - AES/EBU Transmitte
The Coreworks CWda15 Configurable SPDIF-AES/EBU Transmitter is a digital audio transmitter IP core supporting the SPDIF IEC60958, AES/EBU and AES3 standard and also the IEC61937 and SMPTE 337M for non-PCM audio. When transmitting PCM audio, the user must ensure the availability of data in the FIFO. If the FIFO gets empty, silencing SPDIF frames marked as invalid are sent are until the arrival of new audio data. When transmitting Non-PCM bursts, the CWda15 will optionally fill the SPDIF sub-frames with zeros until the next burst, if the repetition periods for the data burst and the pause burst are provided. When the FIFO is empty, the CWda15 sends bit stuffing and periodic NULL Data Bursts according to the Non-PCM IEC61937 standard. The Modular structure of CWda15 allows enhanced performance for specific applications by using (not using) the optional Add-on-Modules (AOM).
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