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Coreworks releases BasicBoard , a Spartan2E300-62pq208 FPGA Board.
The BasicBoard is an FPGA development and evaluation board suitable for implementation of a wide range of application circuits. The board features a Xilinx Spartan-IIE FPGA (XC2S300E) which has a capacity for implementing circuits with up to 300K system gates of complexity.

The BasicBoard provides an assortment of the most frequently used interfaces for basic laboratory work. These interfaces include eight slide switches, five pushbuttons, eight LEDs and four 7-segment displays. There are also two independent expansion connectors with a total of 74 general purpose I/O pins connected directly to the FPGA, 3 Global Clock inputs (GCK) and 3 power pins (3.3 VDC, Ground and Voltage Unregulated).

For basic communication with a PC or other equipment, the board includes an RS-232 port and a parallel port. The parallel port is used to send the configuration file to the FPGA. Alternatively, the configuration can be stored in a PROM and loaded at power-up. The PROM is an optional component and a socket is provided for it.
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