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Coreworks' CEO, José T. de Sousa, participates in a panel discussion entitled "Innovations and Current Trends in Embedded Systems Development" at SIES'2007
The IEEE Second Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES) will be held in Hotel Costa da Caparica at Lisbon, Portugal, on July 4-6, 2007.

The event comes after the successful IEEE First Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems, which was held in Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, 2006.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia and provide them with a platform to report on recent developments, deployments, technology trends and research results, as well as initiatives related to embedded systems and their applications in a variety of industrial environments. Application domains have had a considerable impact on the evolution of embedded systems, in terms of required methodologies and supporting tools and resulting technologies. SoCs and SoPC are slowly making inroads in to the area of industrial automation to implement complex field-area intelligent devices which integrate the intelligent sensor/actuator functionality by providing on-chip signal conversion, data processing, and communication functions. There is a growing tendency to network field-area intelligent devices around industrial type of communication networks. Similar trends appear in the automotive electronic systems where the Electronic Control Units, typically implemented as heterogeneous system-on-chip, are networked by means of one safety-critical communication protocol. The design of this kind of networked embedded systems (this includes also hard real-time industrial control systems) is a challenge in itself due to the distributed nature of processing elements, sharing common communication medium, and safety-critical requirements, to mention some.
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