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Coreworks releases the CWnet01M - Ethernet MAC core
The Ethernet Mac IP Core is designed as a solution for ethernet connectivity on systems with embedded processors. The CWnet01M bus interface is asynchronous, which facilitates and speeds up system integration since the processor may be operating in a different clock domain. An embedded access library is provided implementing basic driver functions. This driver library is written in optimized C code. Configuration registers include CRC check/don’t check for incoming packets, MAC address filtering with two configurable addresses or promiscuous mode setup, enabling/disabling the interrupt request signal on new packet receptions. A status register reporting the status of the cross clock domain FIFOs is included. Current versions support 10, 100Mbs or 1Gbs full duplex operations when coupled with a PHY capable of auto-negotiation. Features under development include half duplex capability with a SMI bus for configuring a PHY in modes other than auto-negotiation, as well as jumbo and pause frames support.
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