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Digiwave Labs, chooses Coreworks’ SDI Audio Embedder IP for their new line of digital TV Standards Converters and Synchronizers.
“…we chose Corework’s CWda42 Serial Digital Interface (SDI) Audio Embedder IP because it was easily incorporated into our design flow.”

Lisbon, Portugal, December 02, 2008 — Coreworks S.A., a leading audio and video semiconductor IP solutions provider, today announced that Digiwave Labs, a leading provider of professional video broadcast equipment, has licensed the SDI Audio Embedder Core, from the extensive AudioWorks™ family of cores. The AudioWorks™ family of silicon proven IP cores includes many other serial audio cores (TDM, I2S, etc), SPDIF interfaces, and a broad line of audio Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters.”

“Coreworks has a very impressive line of Audio IP cores,” said Marcos Lewin, General Manager, Digiwave Labs. “When it came down to a make vs buy decision, we chose Corework’s CWda42 Serial Digital Interface (SDI) Audio Embedder IP because it was easily incorporated into our design flow.”

“We are extremely pleased to have Digiwave Labs as a user of our IP, Said Jose de Sousa, Coreworks Chief Executive. “When it comes to a make vs buy decision, over and over our customers see the clear value Coreworks’ end-to-end family of audio IP brings to the marketplace. From the interface level, such as multi-channel (TDM) serial audio interfaces, SPDIF and I2S, to Sample Rate Converters, DSP acceleration engines and various audio codec’s in preparation, SoC and FPGA designers have come to rely on our silicon proven IP to get them to market faster, and with less integration headaches.”

The Coreworks’ family of IP building blocks is offered for both FPGA and ASICs. For more information please visit .

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About Coreworks®

Coreworks® S.A. was founded in 2001 in Lisbon, Portugal with the vision of revolutionizing the DSP industry. Coreworks provides high-performance, reconfigurable HW/SW DSP acceleration solutions for multi-standard communications and multimedia applications. Coreworks’ IPs have been instigated in a wide variety of products, and in various process geometries. Coreworks’ solutions alleviate S/W algorithm bottlenecks of many demanding audio, video and communication applications by efficiently partitioning the signal processing algorithms between the host processor and Coreworks’ SideWorks™, eliminating the need for expensive and power hungry DSP devices or multi-processors alternatives.

SideWorks™ and AudioWorks™ are Coreworks’ proven, low-power and area optimized IPs. Coreworks uses proprietary tools to create and program Application Specific DSP Accelerator IPs targeting the emerging applications such as satellite radio, DTV, IP-Phone, MP3, AC-3, HD audio, and other mobile device applications, soft radio, communication gateways and more.

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About Digiwave Labs

Digiwave Labs is a company specialized in the broadcasting and professional video field, with more than 15 years of experience, dedicated to the design and manufacture of TV Standards Converters, Time Base Correctors (TBC), Synchronizers, Transcoders, Noise Reducers, Converters for HDTV and SDTV, Interfaces for analog and digital video, and Modular Systems for conversion and distribution of audio and video. Digiwave Labs’ equipment has been adopted by the main Cable TV networks, satellite head-ends, production studios and mobile units countries around the globe. The Digiwave Labs Standards Converters have been featured at NAB, at IBC, and at CAPER Industry trade shows.

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