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Coreworks chosen by IEC as 2010 DesignVision Award Finalist
Lisbon, Portugal and Santa Clara, California - Coreworks' Dolby Digital Professional Encoder IP core (CWda60), implemented with its SideWorksTM technology, has been chosen as a finalist in the 2010 edition of the DesignVision Awards finalist. The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) recognizes this product as one of the most important industry contributions of last year. The SideWorks technology enabled Coreworks to develop an extremely compact  Dolby Digital Professional Encoder design, so small that it can fit economically in an FPGA device, which constitutes a record breaking achievement.


 "The IEC is pleased to name Coreworks’ SideWorks Dolby Digital Professional Encoder as one of the most beneficial contributions to the electronic design industry as a 2010 DesignVision Finalist," stated IEC President John R. Janowiak. "This year’s DesignVision Awards received a record-breaking 105 submissions and we welcome industry professionals to learn more of this impressive design solution at DesignCon 2010".

"Coreworks is honored with the IEC's choice of a SideWorks enabled product," said Jose T. de Sousa, president and chief executive officer of Coreworks. “SideWorks’ practical approach to reconfigurable computing achieves true digital signal processor scalability using the least possible silicon area and power consumption, a trend recognized as very important by the IEC.”


About SideWorks™

Introduced in January 2008, SideWorks enables system and semiconductor developers to create processor architectures, especially DSP architectures; the software automatically creates RTL code optimized for power, performance and area. This ESL approach results in significant silicon area, energy and time savings – up to 75% reduction in either area or power consumption compared to RTL designed by hand – requiring a fraction of the effort.


About Coreworks®

Coreworks S.A. is a leading provider of multimedia and communications semiconductor intellectual property. Coreworks’ IPs have been integrated in a wide variety of products, and implemented in various process geometries. Its proprietary technology and tools allows rapid creation and programming of Reconfigurable HW/SW IPs, targeting emerging applications such as audio, video and communications.


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