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Coreworks releases the CWda41 SDI Audio de-Embedder
The CWda41 implements an ancillary data packet de-embedder for SDI. It is able to extract the contents of one audio group (4 channels). This implementation is restricted to 20 audio bits per sample, hence the extended data structure described in the ANSI/SMPTE 272M standard (data extension to support 24 audio bits per sample) is not implemented in the present version. The CWda41 uses two clocks. All input signals are sampled in the rising edge of the video clock signal. This clock is extracted from the incoming SDI bitstream. The other clock, audio clock, is used to output the audio samples. The audio clock frequency must be 256xFs where Fs is the sample frequency. The video and audio clocks must be derived from the same source. The audio samples are output using the Coreworks CW-Link format. When present, AES auxiliary information is extracted from the ancillary packets. This information includes the Validity, Channel Status, and User bits. The block_start signal is assert high every 192 audio frames.
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