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FireWorks Architecture

The FireWorks™ is a 5-stage pipeline modified Harvard RISC architecture featuring a high-speed reprogramming interface and specific DSP instructions. This processor has instruction and data caches of configurable size. It can be configured to include instruction extensions (32-bit multiply or multiply/add with 64-bit result and saturation, barrel shifters, additional registers and a serial divider), requiring additional hardware resources. External interrupt requests are supported. The FireWorks does not support exceptions for instructions or data.

The high-speed reprogramming interface can be used to load a program in the memory. In our test environment, it is typically connected to a core that impelements a local area network interface. The prototypes can be controlled by a remote test program implemented with the Remote Access Library (RAL), a software package for building remote data exchange and control applications for cores connected using this infrastructure.

The FireWorks tool kit further features a GNU compiler and tools to convert the executables (.elf files) in program memory models for simulation and implementation. The main features of Fireworks are the following:

  • 32-bit data and instruction RISC architecture
  • 5-stage pipeline
  • Configurable type and number of functional units
  • 32-bit ALU
  • Configurable number of input and output ports
  • Optional Barrel shifter
  • Optional integer multiply or multiply/accumulate unit 32-bit operands / 64-bit result and saturation
  • Optional serial divider
  • 1.31 DMIPS/MHz
  • CoreConnect™/OPB or AMBA®/AHB bus interface
  • High-speed reprogramming interface
  • GNU Binary Utilities
  • Networked programming and debugging tools
  • Program memory model generator from executable file
  • Small area, low power, multi purpose processor
  • Network interface allows easy debugging, monitoring and data exchange

List of FireWorks Enabled Cores

Video Decoders
Part Number Description  
H.264/AVC Decoder for Constrained Baseline Profile
Audio Decoders
Part Number Description  
AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Decoder
MPEG-1/2 - Layer I/II Audio Decoder
AAC-LC Audio Decoder
MPEG-1/2 + AAC Audio Decoders
Audio Encoders
Part Number Description  
AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Encoder
MPEG-1/2 - Layer I/II Audio Encoder
AAC-LC Stereo Audio Encoder
AAC-LC Audio Encoder
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