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Multimedia Platform

Detailed Multimedia Platform

The Multimedia Platform is a class of customizable hardware engines focused on Digital Signal Processing.

The number of FireWorks™ and SideWorks™ instances depend on the complexity of the algorithm. Additionally, SideWorks is designed specifically for each application using our software tools. Therefore, each instance of the Multimedia Platform is the best implementation for each problem, bringing considerable benefits in terms of energy consumption and silicon area, compared to other solutions based on GPPs and generic DSPs.

The Multimedia Platform may include one or more audio input/output interfaces, as well as a general purpose parallel interface. The supported interfaces to the external memory are AMBA-AXI, Avalon or Native MIG. For configuration, control, and status, the Multimedia Platform includes AMBA-APB and SPI interfaces.

The CWdaXYZ Audio Engine Platform is a specific Multimedia Platform, dedicated to audio encoding and decoding.

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