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SideWorks Architecture

Sideworks™ is a patented architecture ideal for multimedia, communications and DSP applications in general. The Sideworks™ template permits automatic generation of reconfigurable accelerators (SideWorks instances) by means of our internal SideGen™ software design tool. Other internal software tools include SideConf™, a configuration and programming tool for SideWorks instances, and SideSim™, a cycle accurate simulation tool.

SideWorks instances are used together with the Coreworks proprietary embedded processor, FireWorks™, to create offload engines that can be reconfigured at runtime. Besides the SideWorks capabilities, FireWorks permits the inclusion of custom instructions. Based on this technology, Coreworks developed a set of applications for audio encoding and decoding.

In a typical application, the Coreworks processing engines are autonomous bus masters, fetching code and data from a shared memory, booting up from a non volatile memory, processing data streams, and being controlled from the outside by means of control and status register files.

Solutions implemented with the SideWorks™ technology are very competitive as they achieve the lowest power consumption and smallest possible silicon area, significantly reducing the cost of the SoC. A more conventional instruction-based DSP or multi-processor solution is three to five times less efficient in terms of power and area, as our certified DSP benchmark results can demonstrate. Finally, the extra degree of post-silicon programmability is of extreme value for implementing bug fixes, upgrades and reducing the overall risk of a multi-million dollar chip design.

List of SideWorks Enabled Cores

Video Decoders
Part Number Description  
H.264/AVC Decoder for Constrained Baseline Profile
Audio Decoders
Part Number Description  
AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Decoder
MPEG-1/2 - Layer I/II Audio Decoder
AAC-LC Audio Decoder
MPEG-1/2 + AAC Audio Decoders
Audio Encoders
Part Number Description  
AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Encoder
MPEG-1/2 - Layer I/II Audio Encoder
AAC-LC Stereo Audio Encoder
AAC-LC Audio Encoder
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